Success Stories

“Well, let me tell you about the most exciting/productive year of 23 years of teaching. Gourmet Curriculum Press’ Appetizers Too for 7th grade was used throughout the year as warm-up exercises. As we all know, testing is in. In Georgia, students must perform well on the CRCT, the state test. After this year’s test, the MAJORITY of my students of ALL ability levels came to me and were exuberant and exhilarated that they were so well prepared for the reading portion. Thank you GCP for setting up my students to be successful testers, but most of all, proficient readers.”

- Ilene Abrams, Cobb County, GA

"Being new to education, I guess that ignorance truly was bliss because I had no idea how important my state's test scores were, nor did I know how to prepare my students. Thankfully, my mentor introduced me to Gourmet Curriculum. Appetizers were my warm-ups, and Main Dishes were my lesson plans. At the end of the year, my students achieved a 91% pass rate, and I am convinced this success was due largely to my use of GCP products."

- Lorrie M. Smith, Sixth Grade Teacher

"The Novel Dish Series has been a big hit with our third through fifth grade classes. It is amazing to see how much learning is going on, how the children are involved in learning, and how the teacher guides and interacts in the learning process."

- Darlene Matthew, Teaching and Learning Specialist

"Materials arrive ready to use and have all correlations to state standards easily accessible for reference."

- Barbara Woodbury, Vice Principal

"Gourmet Curriculum is the best program our school has purchased to use with our students. It is amazing how students and teachers interact in the learning process. It is a program that meets the needs of our students."

- Carole Duncan, Fifth Grade Teacher

"I recommend Gourmet Curriculum Press materials due to the visual presentation of the lessons. It's design is easy to read, visually appealing, and organized clearly and concisely. Students in my classroom diagnosed with ADD have shown a greater interest in learning because of the bold print and typeface."

- Lori Jones, Elementary Educator

"Gourmet Curriculum Press has a catalog full of super teaching ideas from Reading Novel Dishes to Doggie Bags . Their uniqe approach spans the curriculum and brings skill-building into a new light."

- November/December 2000-