Lesson Maker by Gourmet Learning

The Perfect Response to Intervention in the Classroom, Lesson Maker™ sorts through Gourmet Learning’s entire data base of reading comprehension skills, intervention strategies/activities, cooperative learnings, reteaches, enrichments and formative assessments to find just the right intervention method for one student or small groups of students.

Lesson Maker aligns with the 3-tier Response to Intervention Model:
Tier 1
Core Curriculum + Assessment Data = Differentiated Instruction –- for all students Lesson Maker presents a smorgasbord of intervention approaches, methods, strategies, and techniques for teachers to feast on in any combination, at any level.
Tier 2
Identified needs for intervention in the regular education classroom. Lesson Maker gives teachers instant access to the right ingredients/intervention strategies for the diverse needs of the students.
Tier 3
One-on-one remediation; intense intervention needs.

Lesson Maker provides teachers formal and informal assessments to measure student progress.

Lesson Maker accesses Gourmet Learning’s complete data base of reading comprehension material to select just the right ingredients/interventions – lesson presentations, methods for reteach, games, activities, and enrichments, plus purposeful formative assessments – for use with entire classes, small groups, or individual students.

Because of Lesson Maker’s wizard capabilities and the depth of Gourmet’s content of ready-to-use reading comprehension skills, teachers have access to print-and-go intervention strategies in just minutes. No waiting. No creating. It’s all available through Lesson Maker, from explicit instructions to game boards and cards, to cooperative learning activities, reteaches, and enrichments, as well as formative assessments.

At Tier 3, Lesson Maker provides more intense intervention strategies needed for at-risk students. Using student-specific data, teachers can generate additional intervention/reteach strategies/activities for at-risk or ESL/ELL students, providing complete resources of instant lessons for working one-on-one.

Lesson Maker gives teachers the flexibility and access to extensive content that the latest scientifically-based interventions demand. And, Lesson Maker addresses the needs of students performing at or above grade level, providing materials that are ready to go in minutes to fulfill diverse student needs.
Tier 4
Students identified as needing SPED intervention. (This may be added on from previous materials as phase 2 interventions.