Frequently Asked Questions

How much can I print?
Registered users can print unlimited copies of activities to which they have access. Print all you need, whenever you need it.
Can anybody get access?
Lesson Maker is intended for Schools and School Districts. Individuals can purchase materials directly from our online store or by phone.
Is it affordable?
Lesson Maker™ is more affordable, efficient and versatile than traditional printed alternatives. With Lesson Maker you can access multiple grade levels instantly at a fraction of the cost.
Can I use my digital projector, smartboard instead?
Sure! You can use our materials in any way you choose. Saving a few trees is always great too.
Can I print and store materials for future use?
You are allowed, in accordance to the User Agreement. However, Lesson Maker™ was designed to eliminate the inconvenience of keeping, sorting and copying hundreds of pages. Additionally, Lesson Maker™ is constantly updated and users are encouraged to access new material.
Can I share my printed lessons?
The User License entitles you, the account holder to unlimited copies when used in a single classroom. Each educator must have a Lesson Maker account in order to use downloaded activities.
I am no longer a Licensed User, how do I renew?
Please contact to activate your account.
I lost my password. How do I get a new one?
Please reset your password here. If you have forgotten your username or email address, then please contact us at to reset your account.
Do I need internet access?
You only need internet access to access the lesson for the first time. You can save activities and print them later or store in portable media. You will need internet access to get updates and view account information.